An actor who is also an activist.
Example Citation:
"So here they were Monday night, six of the 'Big Brother' alumni, at an event sponsored by the Seminar Center almost six months after the show's conclusion. ... For the participants, it was not about money. Based on attendance, the cast members on hand -- grand-prize winner Eddie McGee, Curtis Kin, Cassandra Waldon, Brittany Petros, Will Mega and George Boswell -- will pocket no more than a few hundred dollars each.
Rather, it seemed merely another opportunity to extend their grasp of fame a few more hours. ... The lure of Hollywood is so strong that even Mega, who briefly spurred controversy during the show because of his ties to the New Black Panther Party, has taken to billing himself as an 'actorvist."
— Brian Lowry, "Their 16th Minute," Los Angeles Times, March 14, 2001
Earliest Citation:
Actor Malik Yoba is a self-proclaimed 'actorvist.' A '90s man with confidence and sincerity who isn't afraid to help others.
— "October Issue Of EM Goes 'Undercover' With Rising Star Malik Yoba," Jet, October 9, 1995
Although actor/activist combinations have been around since at least Hanoi Jane Fonda, the actorvist blend of the two terms looks like it only dates back to 1995.
Thanks to subscriber James Callan for spying this one.
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